Kleinberg Funeral Services pledges to deliver a superior Graveside Service Experience.


  • Accompaniment of the deceased to graveside and participating in the interment process is considered by many
    as the last act of loving kindness one can perform for that person
  • Religious services or secular life celebrations occur in the same place as the burial
  • Families often tell us they feel a natural setting is more comforting than a conventional funeral home environment
  • Many prefer the cemetery as a central meeting place for traveling guests
  • Fewer time constraints as opposed to a chapel service
  • Cost effective solutions


Kleinberg Funeral Services is distinguished from the majority of funeral service providers in the Tri-state area by our ability to
anticipate your needs and regularly incorporate special features in our Graveside Service:

  • We ensure sufficient seating for family members (12)
  • We provide a podium for clergy and guest speakers
  • We accommodate private viewings
  • We provide weather protection including lap blankets in winter and shade during summer months
  • We provide complimentary comfort items (facial tissue, bottled water, hand warmers)

Of course preferences may vary among families and we are pleased to discuss your options.

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