Steve Kleinberg

Steven J. Kleinberg, Founder

Professional, Licensed and Trusted Funeral Director Since 1984

A personal touch begins with the opportunity to meet your funeral director. I’m Steve Kleinberg, founder of Kleinberg Funeral Services. Making funeral arrangements is indeed a challenging process, often taking place during one of the most difficult and emotional moments of your life. I promise you my full attention to expertly guide you through the arrangement process and will personally supervise the services you select, those most meaningful to you and your family.

I have more than thirty years of professional experience as a funeral director in my native South Florida, Chicago, Boston and New York in addition to a career providing both military and civilian emergency medical and relief services. This lifetime of experience has earned my reputation among the hundreds of families I’ve served, members of clergy as well as my colleagues across the country.

The role of funeral director has evolved in many ways since I first obtained licensure in 1984. Back then, a funeral director was expected to simply present service options and facilitate the wishes of the family. Now, reflecting the full spectrum of spiritual and ritual demands plus the nature of family dynamics, a funeral director must often serve as educator and advocate or sometimes even a mediator.

This newer and more challenging opportunity to serve you and your family is one I embrace. A caring attitude and years of experience make me the right choice to assist you in your time of need.

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